The Butcher’s Cook Book is the first of its kind in Australia. 100 recipes from Australia’s top butchers including Liam Crawley.


A collaboration, The Butcher’s Cook Book is the outcome of a dream by well-respected Australian butcher, Shannon Walker, to bring the skill and passion of Australian butchers and their favourite recipes together.


The concept of the book was to invite 50 Australian butchers to contribute two recipes, with a profile of the butchers and their shops. Essentially a crowdfunded project, each butcher receives copies of the cook book to sell within their store.


Butchers are based across the country, rural and urban, who in turn reflect the diversity of culture and demographics within their own community. Recipes include decade old  classics from Australia and internationally as well as recipes that reflect the current trends of low and slow, tacos and sliders.


Shannon said that butchers handle food all day and every day, with a lot of creativity, advising their customers on the best way to cook the meal, and the main reason for producing the book was to showcase that skill.


“The enthusiasm the butchers had for the idea of the book was terrific – finding 50 butchers to take part was no problem at all,” said Shannon.


“It is great to see so much variety in the recipes. We knew things like silverside would come through, but there are also a lot of modern recipes in there as well, and a range of skills needed to cook the meal. We have one meatloaf recipe that was based on a 90-year old lady’s recipe that has been shared for generations, as well as meals that didn’t exist ten years ago.”


EXCERPT TAKEN FROM Australian Meat News March 2021

The Butcher's Cook Book